BAC Day 6: The Flywheel Effect

If you want to grow your brand quickly, do what other successful eCommerce brands do — intelligent marketing. And today, I specifically talk about how riding on the Flywheel effect can get you there.

BAC Day 5: Capturing Traffic

In this video, we talk about building traffic onto the marketing ecosystem that we discussed on Day 4, and how we can make the most out of the website visitors we gain. We look at Monk Manual as a case study for businesses that already have their own websites set up, and we also talk about what businesses at the pre-eCommerce launch stage should do.

BAC Day 8: Getting More Support

In this video, I want to pop in to give you your final assignment. I’ve been receiving quite a few emails asking how we can provide more support as you go into your product launch. So today, I’m going to summarize the challenge and help you make your final decision, which will help us to help YOU achieve a successful product launch — whether you’re launching on Kickstarter, Shopify, or want to scale your current online business.

BAC Day 4 Part 2: Finding Your Audience Online

In this module, I want to show you how to find your target audience online. Once you’ve figured out who you want to target with your messaging, the next step is finding customers in the online spaces and places they hang out. So, where should you start?

BAC Day 4: Creating A Landing Page

This module is going to be the gateway into building a funnel and starting to reach customers online. I’ll share some landing page ideas and show you how to start creating a marketing ecosystem. Ready?

BAC Day 3: Crafting Killer Product Messaging

Day 3 is all about getting your product messaging right, to make sure that you can really reach your target audience with it. After figuring out who your product is for, it’s now time to talk about communicating the product benefits to your audience and how to make sure it resonates with them.

BAC Day 2: Knowing Your Target Audience

For this Build Your Audience Challenge video, I want to address one of the most common mistakes that eCommerce brand owners make when bringing products to market. You see, when selecting a product, people too often forget about their target audience or ideal customer.

WELCOME To The Build Your Audience Challenge!

If you want a step-by-step framework that you can follow to help you identify your target audience and build it up, this video is for you! When building online brands, engaging your audience ahead of your Kickstarter campaign launch is vital to have a massive Day 1 and successful overall campaign. This means you need to start building an email list and social media following, so you can get your product in front of more people.