BAC Day 6: The Flywheel Effect

If you want to grow your brand quickly, do what other successful eCommerce brands do — intelligent marketing. And today, I specifically talk about how riding on the Flywheel effect can get you there.

The clients I work with who have the most success are able to do less and have more. This is what’s known as the Flywheel effect. You may have to put in some effort at the beginning but once you get going, the momentum will carry your eCommerce brand along. With systems in place, you’ll continue to see results with less and less effort.

You can think of this as a lazy approach to marketing. But what it really is, is INTELLIGENT marketing.

Using the concept of the Flywheel effect, one really intelligent way you can grow your brand with less effort is through leveraged traffic. And today, I share 3 approaches: giveaway contests, influencer marketing, and brand partnerships. All of these will allow you to expand your audience without having to do a ton of extra effort.

Take influencer marketing, for example. When you find an influencer who shares your audience, you can potentially gain visibility among a huge audience that your new eCommerce brand normally wouldn’t have access to.

With intelligent marketing, you’ll find it much easier to grow your brand quickly.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

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