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BAC Day 5: Capturing Traffic
YouTube video

In this video, we talk about building traffic onto the marketing ecosystem that we discussed on Day 4, and how we can make the most out of the website visitors we gain. We look at Monk Manual as a case study for businesses that already have their own websites set up, and we also talk about what businesses at the pre-eCommerce launch stage should do.

The “machine” required to run the marketing ecosystem of an existing eCommerce brand can differ slightly from the one for pre-eCommerce launch, even if they follow a similar formula. Today, I share the beginnings of Monk Manual as a Kickstarter campaign, their success, and how they try to leverage on their traffic of website visitors. This makes for a perfect example you can refer to if you’re looking to capture the traffic that’s landing on your existing page.

If you’re currently at the beginning stages of your business, looking to launch your first product, and are just on the verge of building traffic, I also share with you a great solution that could help a lot in preparing you for your eCommerce launch.

Watch until the end of this video to learn all about how you can build and capture the traffic of website visitors landing on your page.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at launchandscale.co

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Take the quiz to find out where you should launch your first (or next) product