How Cali Weights Went From $0 To $250K In 12 MONTHS!

In this brand case study, I talk to Eric about how his successful brand, Cali Weights, started, what challenges he’s experienced in building a brand online, and the strategies he’s used to get through them.

How Apolis Sets Itself Apart In The Bag Market (A Brand Audit)

For today’s video, I’ve decided to do this brand audit of Apolis bags because I think they’re a brand that we can all borrow some best practices from. Their website makes it really easy for shoppers to buy their product and connect to their brand. Let’s take a look at what they’ve done to achieve brand differentiation in the reusable bags market.

How Vessi Went From Kickstarter To SUCCESSFUL Online Business

In today’s brand audit, we’ll take a look at Vessi Footwear, a successful waterproof shoe brand that I feel has done so many things right. I’m excited to show you how brand awareness, product line extension, and a great Kickstarter campaign has helped Vessi become the successful brand they are today.

Brand Audit: What Makes MUD\WTR A Winning Morning Routine

For today’s brand audit, we’re look at coffee alternative MUD\WTR and dig into what they’ve done successfully as a business, with their focus on improving the overall health of their consumers. In today’s MUD\WTR review, I walk you through their website experience and the superb customer experience they provide customers like me.