Brand Audit: What Makes MUD\WTR A Winning Morning Routine

For today’s brand audit, we’re look at coffee alternative MUD\WTR and dig into what they’ve done successfully as a business, with their focus on improving the overall health of their consumers. In today’s MUD\WTR review, I walk you through their website experience and the superb customer experience they provide customers like me.

From well-explained product benefits to an extremely helpful question widget, everything about the MUD\WTR website experience is on point and is a big reason they have been so successful.

One thing that really stands out for me is how MUD\WTR introduces a starter kit that makes it easy for them to be your new morning routine. By attaching this kit with a fantastic intro offer, they give the consumer the tools to have a tremendous first cup experience and easily integrate their product into customers’ daily lives.

MUD\WTR uses photography that is exceptional, on-brand, and reflects their product and packaging to perfection. It also helps that they have a very intuitive website experience that allows customers to easily understand what they’re all about.

Overall, MUD\WTR has established itself as the premium Coffee replacement, and today’s brand audit covers all the choices the business has made to put itself and its customer experience in the position to win.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

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