Mindset Challenge Video #3: THE OPPORTUNITY

In this Mindset Challenge video, I talk about building a business online and seizing opportunities to reach the product launch success you want. I share my beginnings in eCommerce, starting with my very first Kickstarter campaign, and how that progressed to helping others in building online brands — some of which I share as case studies.

Mindset Challenge Video #2: THE VISION

Often, when you get into the day-to-day of being an entrepreneur, you can lose sight of your long term business goals. But if you take the time to really develop a vision for your eCommerce brand and set a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), then you can start focusing on the things that really matter.

Mindset Challenge Video #1: START HERE

I’m excited to introduce you to something I’ve NEVER done before on my channel. We’re releasing not 1 but 2 challenge playlists, starting with the Mindset Challenge. This challenge will help you push through your comfort zone as you start building a business online, launching a new product with a Kickstarter campaign, or scaling your brand online.