How To Use Kickstarter Rewards For A Massive Day One!

Today, I will be kicking off the first part of my brand new video series on understanding what rewards are on Kickstarter and how to structure them to ensure a MASSIVE first day for your Kickstarter campaign. These rewards can help you get more support for your product from the crowdfunding community.

Through my three-part series on Kickstarter marketing I want to help you know what rewards are, how they can set you up for success on Kickstarter, how you can structure rewards on Kickstarter, and finally, how to charge shipping on those rewards.

Rewards are a unique tool you can use to create hype around your Kickstarter campaign. But you have to understand that you can only be successful in getting audiences excited if you target the right potential backers.

You’ll also want your target audience to ideally be ready to buy on the first day. You can prompt that by offering incentives for them in the form of rewards as part of your Kickstarter marketing plan.

There are also strategies behind creating rewards like, how to package them, how many words to use, and how to present them. Knowing these strategies will help you rank higher on the Kickstarter platform from day one. When that happens, the platform’s algorithm will recognize your campaign as popular and therefore show it to its users. For this reason, the first day of the campaign is critical.

By the end of this video, I’ll also let you know how you can apply for our product launchpad, the absolute sure-fire way to ensure that you have professional backing and mentorship going into the crowdfunding community.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

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