Why Does Timing Matter When Launching Your Brand on Amazon? 

In the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, Amazon.com has emerged as a juggernaut, accounting for nearly 50% of all online sales in 2023. 

With such impressive figures, it’s understandable why many entrepreneurs are drawn to the platform as a potential sales channel. 

Today, we’re going to delve into a crucial aspect of DTC strategy: the timing of launching on Amazon.com.

The Premature Amazon Plunge

Picture this: you’re a new brand owner excitedly introducing your products to the world. 

Amid the thrill of the launch, the temptation to join Amazon’s marketplace may feel irresistible. 

But hold on. One of our brand success stories this year serves as a cautionary tale.

A brand that hit its first six figures in D2C revenue without relying on Amazon thought it was time to launch on Amazon.j

A conversation ensued, revealing a pivotal insight – launching on Amazon too early can be a detrimental mistake. Why? Let’s explore.

The Power of Customer Reviews

When you’re in the early stages of your business, every customer’s experience and review carries immense weight. 

Launching on your own website, perhaps using platforms like Shopify, provides you with a unique advantage – the ability to filter reviews.

In contrast, Amazon’s review system is a lot less forgiving.

In the early stages of your product journey, negative reviews have a higher likelihood of hurting your social proof.

The consequence? A two-star or three-star review streak could form, dampening your product’s reputation.

Guarding Your Amazon Reputation

Imagine this scenario: You rush to Amazon too soon and your product garners less-than-stellar reviews. 

This not only damages your product’s reputation but also puts a dent in your Amazon listing’s overall performance. 

Especially if you’ve taken the steps to register your brand on Amazon, you have a limited opportunity to make a positive first impression.

The Winning Strategy: Build Your Base First

Here’s the game-changing strategy: Hold off on launching on Amazon.com until you’ve secured a solid foundation of customer reviews on your own website. 

Aim for a tally of 20 to 30 glowing reviews on platforms like Shopify. This base of positive feedback provides you with confidence and validation before you take the Amazon plunge.

When you finally ship your product to Amazon customers, you’ll have the assurance that your offering is well-received. 

The positive reviews garnered from these happy customers will act as a buffer during Amazon’s “honeymoon period” – a crucial phase for brand-building.

Controlling the Narrative for Success

The takeaway here is clear: Don’t let impatience jeopardize your brand’s potential success on Amazon. 

Use the control you have over customer reviews on your own website to your advantage. 

As we advise our clients, especially in the early stages, to filter reviews to identify areas of improvement for any rating less than five stars.

By addressing concerns and actively engaging with customers, you can transform less-than-stellar ratings into satisfied customers who consistently rate your product positively. 

This proactive approach ensures that when you do step into the Amazon arena, your narrative is one of quality and customer satisfaction.


In a world where first impressions hold incredible sway, the timing of your Amazon launch can make or break your brand’s reputation. 

While Amazon’s immense reach is undoubtedly tempting, the path to success involves careful planning, a solid foundation of positive reviews, and strategic control of your product’s narrative.

So, if you’re on the brink of launching on Amazon.com, take a step back and evaluate your product’s readiness. 

Embrace the power of reviews, foster a base of satisfied customers, and when the time is right, you’ll be poised to maximize the benefits of both your own website and Amazon’s colossal marketplace. 

Remember, the key is to own your channel and attention while building a robust brand presence that stands the test of time.

We specialize in helping direct-to-consumer (DTC) sellers like you establish a thriving online presence so you can own your audience and own your channel with confidence.

Ready to take your DTC business to the next level? Let’s empower your brand together! 

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