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Launch and Scale™ is now hiring :


We’re looking for an Account Manager to join our core Fulfillment Team. Launch and Scale™’s mission is to give entrepreneurs the expertise, skills, and experience needed to launch custom products that makes their customer’s lives easier, more enjoyable, and happier.

We focus on building brands profitably so our customers and students are able to live on their terms, take full ownership of their lives, and build a legacy through their products.

What’s Launch and Scale™?

We Launch and Scale™ Products to Million Dollar E-Commerce Brands.

LaunchandScale.co is an online brand-building and media buying agency. We offer the opportunity for brands to work with us in two ways: our “done-for-you” agency packages, or our “done-with-you” coaching programs.

LaunchandScale.co was founded by Khierstyn Ross, an e-commerce strategist that specializes in fast, early-stage growth for online physical product brands. Through her work, she’s helped launch and scale multiple 7-figure brands such as Jamstack.io, Aberlite.com, CeresChill.com, and many others.

We create BIG RESULTS in our launches and the brands we manage. So far, we’ve helped startups raise millions in pre-order revenue and have created several 7-figure brands.

The products we work with are innovative, cutting edge, and have the potential to be the next million-dollar brand in their respective industry.

What You’ll Do

Managing Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok media buying for early-stage e-commerce brands. This includes taking a lead on the funnel strategy, placement, budget management.

You’ll be managing a handful of accounts and will work closely with our Founder and CMO on brand-building strategies.

This Position is a virtual, part-time contractor position to start —our goal is to place you full-time if it’s the right fit within 1-2 months.

  • You will work closely with Khierstyn and the Team.
  •  Includes 6-weeks of personalized training on the implementation process and our proven systems.

  • If relevant, this position will allow you to grow your personal brand within our organization as one of our internal influencers. Your voice is important and we will give you the platform to be heard. We’re in this together, and your success is as important to us as our clients’ success is.

Who We’re Looking For

We’re looking for a Media Buyer that’s passionate, fun, driven, a self-starter who loves timelines and systems, is a natural manager, and wants to get the real in-the-trenches experience.

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in Facebook ads for e-commerce and are willing to learn so much more. You don’t have to be an expert (yet!), but you need to have a burning desire to get the best results possible (with a focus on ROAS and profitability both internally and for our clients).
  • As a bonus, if you have Google Adwords media buying experience and/or TikTok ads – that’s a plus!
  • We’re looking for someone who is able to create kick-ass ad campaigns from top of funnel, to the bottom.
  • You must be analytical and innovative in your thinking and not afraid to try new things. This industry moves quickly — and so do we.
  • You’re a self-starter and need minimal direction to get the job done.
  • Lastly, you’re a real team player and easy to get along with. We work with our clients and team on a ‘business is pleasure’ methodology.

We place a huge value on team camaraderie. We believe that when you like the people you are working with, the whole team’s output and results improve. To get the best for us, our clients, and YOU, we need to be able to be open, and honest with each other. If we can’t have a great friendly and fun working relationship, this position might not be a fit for you.

Like what you’ve read?

Send an email to [email protected] with the subject line:

*I’m the media buyer you’ve been looking for [City, Country].*

In Your Email, Please Include:

  • Your CV and cover letter.

  • The most influential book you’ve ever read and why.

  • Your desired salary.

  • Explain what the difference is between HOT and COLD traffic.

We will be emailing all successful applicants to notify them of the next steps.
Good luck!
Khierstyn & The Launch and Scale™ Team.