The 30-Day Launch: How Hit $4K In Revenue Starting From Zero

Are you feeling overwhelmed and lost because you don’t know how to launch your product and see success? If so, this blog post is for you.
We’ll take a look at how Brody Wilkinson, founder of Big Spoon Pillow, was able to simplify his launch process and go from his first social media post to receiving 27 orders and generating over $4,000 in revenue in just three weeks.

Product Inspiration

Brody’s initial inspiration for Big Spoon Pillow came when he and his wife were recovering from a car accident and spending a lot of time on the couch. They wanted to cuddle but couldn’t find a comfortable position due to arm discomfort. 

To solve their problem, Brody took some memory foam pillows, cut and glued them together, and created a pillow that solved their problem.

Brody’s Key to Success

One of the keys to Brody’s success was his willingness to simplify the launch process. He didn’t get bogged down in the details. Instead, he hit the ground running and focused on the most important steps. 

Brody spoke to co-workers on television sets, read blogs, and even discussed his idea with random people on the street. He found that almost everyone he spoke to had experienced the problem of arm discomfort when cuddling on the couch. By talking to others about his idea, he gained validation that there was a real need for his product.

Brody also emphasized the importance of being flexible and willing to pivot your strategy if something isn’t working. He found that his initial Facebook ad targeting wasn’t effective, so he switched to a more broad audience and was able to generate more sales. 

Choosing Shopify over Amazon

Initially, he was considering launching the Big Spoon Pillow on Amazon, but he ultimately decided to launch it on Shopify instead. While Amazon can provide a wider customer base, Brody preferred the flexibility and control that Shopify provided. 

Launching on Shopify allowed him to build his brand, take pre-orders, and start to establish a customer base without breaking the bank.

Getting Sales

In just three weeks, Brody generated over $4,000 in revenue with 27 orders. The majority of their sales came from family and friends, while the rest came from natural organic sales from strangers, Facebook traffic, and a few Instagram sales. 

Although the Big Spoon Pillow is a higher-end item priced at $169, Brody overcame the challenge of selling to strangers by offering a pre-order option, making it clear that it would take 90 days for customers to receive their order, and absorbing all shipping costs to make the checkout process smoother. 

He also emphasized the importance of being able to fulfill orders and not mislead customers. They waited until they had secured a manufacturer for the product before launching, to ensure that they could fulfill all orders on time and not risk any negative reviews or returns.


In conclusion, if you’re struggling to launch your product, take inspiration from Brody’s experience. Simplify your launch process, focus on the essentials, and be willing to pivot if needed. Most importantly, pursue a product that you truly believe in and are passionate about. By doing these things, you can launch your product and achieve success in your e-commerce journey. 

Check out Big Spoon Pillow at and Brody’s social media channels for more information on his journey.


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