Tapping Into Offline Channels W/ Yohan Jacob Of Retailbound

Thinking about offline retail channels for your eCommerce brand? Today, I talk to Yohan Jacob, the founder of Retailbound. If you own a D2C brand, have a custom product, are tempted to explore beyond eCommerce retail, and want the chance to distribute eventually through big box retailers, this video is for you.

Preparing To EXIT Your Business W/ Joe Valley

Even if you don’t think you want to sell your business just yet, this conversation with Joe Valley may be important for you to hear. After all, many business owners don’t think about exiting a business until they absolutely have to. And unless you’re prepared to make your exit, the process may not go too smoothly.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Our Costa Rica Team Building & Client Retreat

I just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Costa Rica for a team building event and client retreat a little over a week ago — and oh man do I want to do more in-person events like it! Today, I share with you the behind-the-scenes of what we did PLUS some really cool takeaways that I got from finally meeting my team and some of our clients in-person.

How To INCREASE YOUR MARGINS & Add More Value To Your Product

What should you do when your order volume is so low that your cost of goods is too high to even see profit margins that you can use to promote your products online? What if I told you there’s a way to increase margins without affecting cost of goods or increasing your inventory costs, and could even increase your product value?

3 Ways To Get MORE REVENUE From Your Email List

When I tell sellers that the right email list management can generate up to 25% of their revenue, they often look at me like I’m crazy. But the truth is, once you learn how to master email marketing, sales can increase dramatically.

How Cali Weights Went From $0 To $250K In 12 MONTHS!

In this brand case study, I talk to Eric about how his successful brand, Cali Weights, started, what challenges he’s experienced in building a brand online, and the strategies he’s used to get through them.

Managing Your E-commerce Inventory W/ Chelsea Cohen

For many eCommerce entrepreneurs, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is inventory forecasting. Today, I speak to Chelsea Cohen of SoStocked about getting ahead on your inventory, and how her inventory management software can help you avoid issues in your product stock levels.

How To Prepare For A Q4 Product Launch

Having your product launch this Q4? This can actually turn out to be a good time for your eCommerce launch — given the right product launch strategy. You see, holiday marketing is a crazy, exciting, yet terrifying time to do your launch. Here are some tips to help you navigate the end of the year.

The Secrets Of 7 Figure Online Sellers

In this panel interview, you’ll get personal entrepreneurial advice from owners of some amazing 7-figure online brands. If you want to reach the same success that these online entrepreneurs have, you’re not going to want to miss this conversation.