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How To Prepare For A Q4 Product Launch
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Having your product launch this Q4? This can actually turn out to be a good time for your eCommerce launch — given the right product launch strategy. You see, holiday marketing is a crazy, exciting, yet terrifying time to do your launch. Here are some tips to help you navigate the end of the year.

As we’ve seen in the past years, eCommerce launches are increasing massively in number! There are more physical products coming to market than ever before. In fact, this might become the busiest Q4 EVER.

The time of year between October and January is when things go on sale. With more businesses taking advantage of the increase in spending, competition can be fierce. In order for your eCommerce launch to be seen, you need to outspend your competitors. OR DO YOU?

With the right product launch strategy, you can tap into the consumer fever without spending a ton on holiday marketing. But you have to pivot your advertising.

Focus on organic strategies, such as influencer marketing, Facebook groups, or even friends and family. These are low-cost, yet effective ways of reaching an audience for your eCommerce launch.

If you plan your product launch strategy now, you can take advantage of the massive consumer spending that happens during the year’s end. AND you can do it without going bankrupt!

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at launchandscale.co

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