How Big Should Your Email List Be Before Product Launch?

How big does your audience need to be before your product launch? The truth is that there’s no single answer to it. Different businesses have different needs. In fact, a list built to have qualified buyers and qualified leads is way more valuable than buying an email list which may give you plenty, but results in very little conversion. Today’s video covers the things you need to consider in building an email list, and how you can use our FREE Pre-launch List Size Calculator as a guide.

The truth about how big your audience has to be before you can launch your product is that it’s different for everyone. It’s unique to your situation. Whether you want to have a 6-figure product launch, or if you want a small inventory run, your goals are very different. The appropriate audience-building effort will also be different.

It’s not the size of the list that you need to focus on. Rather, what you should be concerned about is how qualified the people on the list are. Focusing merely on volume may lead you to buying an email list that has no real use, instead of building one that is more intentional and purposive. When you buy a list, you can’t be assured of the quality and it can include people who might not even know nor identify with your product.

You need to have a list of qualified leads and qualified buyers in order to avoid ending up as spam in people’s email inboxes, and to achieve the results you want.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

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