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CFU 124 – [Reprise] The Facebook Ads Hack That Helped Ravean Raise $1.33M on Kickstarter| feat. Bryce Fisher
Crowdfunding Uncut | Kickstarter| Indiegogo | Where Entrepreneurs Get Funded
Crowdfunding Uncut | Kickstarter| Indiegogo | Where Entrepreneurs Get Funded
CFU 124 - [Reprise] The Facebook Ads Hack That Helped Ravean Raise $1.33M on Kickstarter| feat. Bryce Fisher

When weighing the options for crowdfunding, most project creators opt for a months-long process to ensure optimum success. In some cases, however, time is not abundant. This was the case when Bryce Fisher of Ravean Heated Jackets approached his first Kickstarter campaign. The timeline from idea to prototype to crowdfunding campaign was just a few weeks long, giving Bryce a time crunch to meet his goals. The question is, how do you find success with so little time to raise funds? In his chat with Khierstyn, Bryce unveils the secrets that helped Ravean launch with a bang, in spite of having just a couple of weeks.

The importance of marketing in order to spread the word.

As Bryce approached the Kickstarter campaign for Ravean, he knew spreading the word quickly would be the only way to find his supporters. With a little trial and error, he was able to connect with his target market via social media and gain incredible support in a short time. Bryce shares some secrets that can help you connect your product to the sometimes-elusive target market that is essential to the success of any crowdfunding campaign. Driving traffic to his site was key, Bryce explains, and his strong focus on those efforts have given him the edge Ravean needs to maintain vigorous support.

The #1 best practice of the Ravean campaign.

When planning a crowdfunding campaign, it’s pretty clear customers will either make or break you. Bryce explains why customer validation was the #1 reason for success with his Kickstarter campaign, and how he maintained this as his top priority throughout the campaign. He delves deeper into some key strategies by sharing marketing techniques that truly transformed his campaign. Finding your niche will help to drive all-important organic traffic to the campaign, which saves time and money in gaining support.

Why the campaign picture and headline are key.

A great first impression is essential to any interaction. Bryce explains the role of having a clear, eye-catching campaign photo in converting customers. He offers a few tips that can give any crowdfunding campaign the edge. Getting potential supporters to your campaign page is just half the battle and Bryce shares the importance of the details as you create your campaign. He shares his top 3 marketing focuses and how he applied mistakes from his first campaign to his current Indiegogo campaign. By understanding the key differences between Kickstarter and Indiegogo, future crowdfunders will be better equipped to choose the best platform for their product.

Bryce explains what’s next for Ravean.

Bryce shares with great passion the unique heated jackets offered by Ravean and what he sees as the next steps for his company. By continuing to focus on quality and customer validation as top priorities, Bryce believes the sky is the limit for this growing company. After far exceeding the goals set by his first Kickstarter campaign, Ravean continues to see success in the current Indiegogo campaign. He shares his key learnings and future goals for Ravean with Khierstyn.


  • Khierstyn’s introduction of Bryce Fisher of Ravean, who shares how he built a successful Kickstarter campaign in a short period of time.
  • Bryce explains his current project status.
  • Understanding Ravean and the inspiration behind the Ravean Heated Jacket.
  • Why Bryce started his campaign later in the process than most, giving himself less time to raise funds.
  • The process of marketing the campaign and spreading the word within the 2-week window.
  • What is the #1 reason for the success of the Ravean Kickstarter campaign?
  • Bryce explains how he drives traffic to the Ravean site.
  • Overcoming the marketing limitations present in a short-term campaign.
  • The #1 best practice during the Ravean campaign.
  • What is the #1 mistake made on this campaign Bryce would avoid in future campaigns?
  • What insight into customers does Kickstarter give you after project completion?
  • Bryce’s reasons for choosing to run an Indiegogo campaign after his Kickstarter campaign.
  • The resources Bryce used in the push to get his campaign off the ground.
  • The importance of understanding the competition in finding traction as you approach your campaign.
  • Setting a realistic marketing budget for a campaign.
  • The top 3 things you should be spending your marketing budget on for a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Indiegogo versus Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform.
  • What’s next for Ravean?
  • Why did Bryce choose to continue using crowdfunding to launch new products after having a successful Kickstarter campaign?
  • Ways to connect with Bryce.



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CONNECT WITH Bryce: www.Ravean.com

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