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CFU 110 – Developing Creative Networking, Being a Unique Entrepreneur, and Making Impactful Friends Feat. Sol Orwell
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Crowdfunding Uncut | Kickstarter| Indiegogo | Where Entrepreneurs Get Funded
CFU 110 - Developing Creative Networking, Being a Unique Entrepreneur, and Making Impactful Friends Feat. Sol Orwell

Few entrepreneurs are as unique, engaging, and great at creative networking as Sol Orwell, founder of nutrition advice empire Examine.com. He is also the creator of websites garnering over 200,000 visitors per day and a fanatic chocolate chip cookie enthusiast. On the first official Crowdfunding Uncut episode for 2018, Khierstyn interviews Sol and asks him key questions about his successful empire, why he thought to connect his love of cookies with creative networking events, and his top advice for entrepreneurs who want to do things a little differently. Their conversation will leave you intrigued, laughing, and wanting more so don’t miss this episode.

The success story behind Sol’s Examine.com nutrition advice empire

What started with a desire to know the facts behind nutrition supplements morphed into an independent analysis company with the sole goal of “reading the research, making sense of it, and putting it online.” From being the sole creator of the company to now being a consensus-building leader and visionary, Sol has built the most trustworthy source for accurate information on supplements – minus any hype, agenda, or ulterior motives. Khierstyn uncovers the human story behind a website giant, and it’s a story sure to inspire. You don’t want to miss it.

How Sol’s Examine.com team thoughtfully engages with their market and the most underrated feedback tool on the market

Sol’s current position as a leader of Examine.com allows him to have a clear picture of what works (and what doesn’t) when his team connects with their audience. By empowering his employees to do what needs to be done, he can watch them successfully interact with visitors via email and actual phone conversations – a rare phenomenon in today’s digital world. By trusting their niche market and the quality feedback they received over the years, they were able to organically grow into new market segments. They utilized Google Surveys, one of the most versatile and user-friendly tools on the market, to connect with what their audience was actually looking for. He found that if you expose your company’s personality more, people are more likely to engage with your content and communication. Be sure to listen to this episode for more of his stellar advice.

What do cookies, creative networking, and ridiculous amounts of fun all have in common?

When Sol grew tired of predictable coffee networking meetups, he wanted to create an exciting new way to bring people together. That’s when #CookieLife was born. Rather than buying someone a simple cup of coffee, Sol started inviting people to try the “world’s best chocolate chip cookie” with him. In just two years the idea moved from a small Toronto chocolate chip cookie shop to $30,000 fundraising and networking events. Khierstyn talks with Sol about how he discovered that people will come together for any reason that’s new and engaging. By simply encouraging people to follow their own unique passions, he has set a new standard for how people develop a comprehensive personal brand – rather than focusing only on one aspect of themselves. To hear more about #CookieLife, how it gives back to communities, and its expansive reach, give this episode a listen.

Sol’s best advice for having clear career end-goals, making influential friends, and living the lifestyle YOU want

Being an entrepreneur should be about a few key ideas: intentionally create lifestyle freedom, give back while creating an impact, and pair fun with passionate hard work. In his interview with Khierstyn, Sol explains that there’s no single “right way” to build your career and that you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the steps along the way. When trying to create a network of influential friends, Sol recommends “Actually do something interesting – you don’t connect over business strategies you connect over personal interests.” One of his best pieces of advice is, “Do things that personally drive you forward, and don’t be afraid to let go of a project once it solves the problem you set out to eliminate.” To hear about Sol’s top 3 career tips, you’ll have to check out this episode of Crowdfunding Uncut.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:53] Khierstyn introduces her guest for this episode, Sol Orwell
  • [4:00] Sol tells his story of he got started as an entrepreneur
  • [8:11] Sol’s current role in Examine.com, and how he empowers his employees
  • [10:30] How Sol expanded Examine beyond one supplement line, and how his team engages with their customers
  • [17:52] The number one thing Sol did with Examine.com that led to its success
  • [19:32] How Sol connected ridiculous fun, chocolate chip cookies, and networking
  • [26:07] The place that #CookieLife has in Sol’s personal and professional universe
  • [28:49] Going beyond the product launch for your company and why planning 3 years in advance is insane
  • [32:02] Khierstyn asks Sol how he illuminated his career end-goals
  • [34:58] Sol’s 3 best habits for making influential friends and a solid network
  • [43:23] The best notebook Sol relies on to capture his ideas

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