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Jamstack 2
Attachable guitar amplifier

Jamstack 2

Attachable guitar amplifier

The Jamstack 2 is the second iteration of the industry disrupting guitar amplifier.

The Jamstack is the only true modeling amp in the world that offers unmatched portability, attach-ability and the ability to utilize dozens of first rate, 3rd party Apps all in an ultra-compact package. 

With the Jamstack 2 you can hook your Amp up directly to your guitar so that you can play anywhere at anytime. It offers industry leading sound quality and volume for an amp of its size along with built in tones give you everything you could want from an amp in one package. 

We helped Jamstack founder Chris Prenderghast with the launch of his initial model and the Jamstack 2 through crowdfunding. Designing both of his pre-sale pages and crowdfunding campaign pages. When it came time to move to Ecommerce we helped design a new look for his website that focused on visual and audio storytelling to showcase all of the best aspects of his product to his customers. 

jamstack ecommerce web design mockup
Jamstack Mobile ecommerce website design
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Jamstack responsive ecommerce web design multiple devices

What The Client Had To Say

Chris Prenderghast | Founder, Jamstack

"I absolutely loved working with the Launch and Scale™ team. We raised over $400K in pre-orders, and today Jamstack is worth well over $4M"


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