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The FREEDOM Insole Specially designed to help those with Knee OA

The FREEDOM Insole

Specially Designed To Help Those With Knee OA

The Freedom insole was created to provide Over-The-Counter Relief to Those suffering With Knee OsteoArthritis

Until now those suffering from Knee OA have been stuck with limited options to treat their symptoms. Be it anti-inflammatories or bulky knee braces. The FREEDOM Insole was designed to offer a better, more comfortable and affordable over the counter solutions. 


Using their proprietary trident foam technology the FREEDOM Insole works by targeting the symptoms at their root. Their unique design effectively unloads the medial compartment of the knee and relieves the pressure and alleviating the symptoms.


One of the best treatments for Knee OA is activity, and regular stretching. So the goal of The FREEDOM Insole is to get people moving again and enjoying their favourite activities without the pain of Knee OA or the burden of bulky Knee braces. 


HumanCo’s founders Mark Coleman and Dr. Michael Ryan approached us to help them launch their website for this amazing product to help them educated their demographic and turn them into customers. 


Our research led us to create a straightforward website that both focused aspirational messaging and education. We wanted their demographic to find the layout, messaging and purchase process as easy and painless as possible.

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What The Client Had To Say

Michael Ryan | CO-Founder, HumanCo.



Wether its a “from-scratch” Full build, an overhaul of your existing site, or even tweaking your existing site to help your stores conversions get from “GOOD” to “GREAT”we will help you achieve your goals.

We take a data-led approach to web design, helping you identify weak points and improve your store sales through:

  • Analytics
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  • Heat tracking
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  • SEO optimization
  • And more… 


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