How To INCREASE YOUR MARGINS & Add More Value To Your Product

What should you do when your order volume is so low that your cost of goods is too high to even see profit margins that you can use to promote your products online? What if I told you there’s a way to increase margins without affecting cost of goods or increasing your inventory costs, and could even increase your product value?

In today’s video, I share one quick tip that you can use to make sure you have money left to use for promoting your product online, and increase margins without having to affect cost of goods or sacrificing inventory costs.

I was on a recent coaching call with a client who owns a new brand. And so right now, the quantities she can order from the manufacturer are still at minimum inventory levels to avoid overstocking. Especially if your brand is seasonal, you may tend to do smaller stock runs vs other businesses. You might already know that this results in higher prices per unit than if orders are in big quantities — which of course results in lower margins.

I want to help you operate when faced with this set up. With the tip I share, not only can you increase margins but also ADD PRODUCT VALUE that your customers receive when they buy from you online.

Watch the entire video to know all about my tip to improve profit margins without increasing order quantities or inventory costs.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

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