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Increase Ecommerce Sales Conversion For Your Business

Grow Your Ecommerce Business

Are you looking to increase your conversion rate, but don’t know where to start? This is something a ton of companies need help with; whether you have a new product on the market, or your ecommerce product just isn’t selling.

The bottom line is that you want your business to constantly grow and keep climbing the ladder. The great thing about the following approaches is — if you do it right, it can all fall into place for you.

Check out 3 strategies for increasing your ecommerce website sales conversion rate and site visitors below.

3 Strategies To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

1. Increase Social Proof

Imagine this…

You’ve sold a few hundred units of your product on your online store, you are on the upside of the entrepreneur roller coaster and you want to up your game a little and increase your average conversion rate for your ecommerce business…

But what can you do?

One of the best things you can do to increase your conversion rate on your site is social proof.

Social proof is one of Robert Cialdini’s six tools of Influence. 

If you want to have influence over a customer in terms of having them feel confident about your product, even if they’ve never used your brand before, product reviews will be the thing that sells your product, and not having reviews is really going to hurt you.

More often than not, the checkout process can turn potential customers to cart abandoners.

Whether they have added your product to their shopping cart or not, if they have any uncertainty it’s likely they will not purchase at that moment.

It may seem miniscule, but adding reviews to your website is one of the TOP ways to up your ecommerce business.

Product reviews, we use them to get social proof, there is a direct correlation between your website conversion rate and a customer feeling good about their purchase.

With any product you buy, you want to make sure that what you are spending your $$ on is the real deal. It’s that small push potential customers need to commit to their purchase.

Not only that, but social proof is a great community builder as well, giving you a higher touch point with your customers.

Reaching out to your customers for reviews is a win-win.

It shows them you are a business owner that cares and you gain feedback and social proof for your ecommerce site.

There are different ways to get reviews. But the thing with reviews is that there’s two kinds of reviews you can have. 

You can have a text review, where someone just writes a paragraph or a sentence about the review itself, or about the product. Or you can do visual product reviews. 

The app we personally have is Loox. 

Loox is a high quality and amazing visual product review app, because people do want to see what your product actually looks like in real life and how other people are using it. 

A good user experience is a major part of increasing conversions and reducing abandoned carts for your ecommerce store. You can use Google Analytics to see exactly how your website is performing and where visitors are leaving.

So using Loox to get video testimonials from customers and photos of people using the product, truly brings your product description to life for customers. 

And even going so far as posting that review on social media is going to be a massive way and one of the most powerful ways to get social proof. 

2. Implement Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to sell products in this online era.

These platforms are used as a powerful tool to boost brand awareness, lead generation, and build a strong community.

With 60% of people saying that they discover new products on Instagram, this social media platform is fueling many businesses’ sales.

Communicating with your target audience through these apps is the perfect way to form connections, and provides you with a channel where you can share features, news, and general content that your customers love to see. You can also add contests and giveaways here with a sense of urgency to push for sign-ups or purchases.

It is also incredibly easy to direct followers to product pages with quick swipe up links and tags on posts. To make the customer experience even easier it’s important to have the option for ‘guest checkout’ once reaching these pages. 

Make sure to create a social media platform following your brand guidelines, this will allow you to build a memorable business through consistency and recognition. People find this adds value to a business and sets the tone for your products.

3. Design An Engaging Website

Site design has a huge influence on whether visitors remain on your site and finish with a purchase. This shows professionalism and reflects exactly who your brand is and how important your business is to you.

60% of consumers rate usability as an important design characteristic for an online shop. This refers to how easy your website is to navigate, whether that be buttons, responsiveness, hierarchy or media.

If visitors are having trouble finding their way around your ecommerce site or find it cluttered, it’s likely they will move on to the next site. Equally, if your website load time isn’t within 2-3 seconds this may incur a high bounce rate.

Create a shop that you are proud to show others, and one which really communicates what your business stands for. This should include high quality imagery, videos of your products in use and persuasive copy to spark an action in your audience.

The term ‘cognitive ease’ refers to how easy information is to digest. If it takes too much effort to understand, people are much less likely to remain on your website.

Use short snappy paragraphs, simple checkout processes and clear designs to create a seamless experience for your customers. You should also include a range of payment options at the checkout page to cater to a wider audience.

A great app that you can also use to integrate with your checkout page includes Candy Rack. This allows you to pair different products at checkout which go together, such as accessories. 

The app is able to serve the checkout process by acting as a pop up, in order to bundle products that go together. It’s all asy to use, affordable, and helps to increase conversion rates and average oder value!

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