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This is the THIRD and final video in my 3-part miniseries on Kickstarter rewards. If you’ve not seen my previous two videos you can check them out here:

1) How To Use Kickstarter rewards

2) Kickstarter rewards strategies

Today, I discuss how you can handle the Kickstarter shipping conversation with your backers and how to charge for shipping for Kickstarter rewards.

Your backers may get confused and abandon their orders if the shipping costs are not what they expected. In addition, because shipping is only calculated at the end, the cost comes as a surprise to your customers.

Bundling your shipping costs into your product might be helpful because it will make the cost of shipping look less than what it is.

Some of the hidden profit margin killers are not understanding your numbers, and not charging accordingly for shipping.

You can avoid these by having a thorough understanding of your numbers and your products.

Remember that if international customers want your product enough, they won’t mind paying the shipping costs, so I wouldn’t recommend you compromising your margins for shipping costs.

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