How Jake Scaled From $187 to $10K/month On Shopify in Under 6 Months

If you’ve ever wondered whether it was possible to earn over 5-figures a month on platforms such as Etsy or Shopify, wonder no more. Jake Payne, one of our students and coveted brands that we’ve been working with, is living proof that with the proper guidance and support, it’s not only possible but probable that you will succeed. 



Jake’s business, EMF Protection Gear, has scaled from a company that was only making a couple hundred dollars a month to over 6-figures a year. EMF Protection Gear is products that help shield you from harmful radiation. For instance, items such as cell phone cases are fitted with minerals that help shield you from things like 5G. 



So Why Did Jake Start On Esty? 


When asked what his thought process was behind why he started on Etsy, Jake responded saying – “I started on Amazon, got off Amazon after I started learning how to grow things. At the same time, I was like, okay, well now I’m on Amazon, what else can I get on?” 



Eventually, Jake realized that he was hitting a threshold. He was getting sales on items such as cell phone cases, but then those customers were just gone. “I can’t upsell them, I can’t sell them more product, I don’t have an email list, I don’t have a business.” Jake knew he needed to enlist help with shaping his shop into a proper 5-figure a-month business and start making moves to take control.


Eventually, Jake moved his business to Shopify. 


Jake decides to start selling his product on Shopify. Only a few months in working with Shopify, his earnings increased from $187 to $500! That’s when Jake came to us for assistance on scaling his business even further. Listening to his gut instinct, Jake wanted to wait to turn on ads after he managed to get some of the foundational things we recommended finished first. 

We asked Jake to share some of the suggestions we gave him that he put in place to ensure he got ads results, and he responded with the following: “I built out Klaviyo a bit more, so I had some basic flows. I made sure my product listings were good, checking that they had decent photos and were tagged with decent keywords.” He also brought up a great point that most of us “feel as if it has to be perfect.” According to Jake, it doesn’t need to be. 



Make things user-friendly. 


Ensure you have good-looking pictures for your products, and focus on building a good mailing list. You’ll see results. The changes he made on his website to better educate his visitors on his product were substantial. Going from “Hey, look at my cell phone case” to copy that really speaks to what he was actually selling. That copy, in our professional opinion, is the reason that his website converts.


Another tip Jake followed was posting a reel a day on Instagram, which incidentally was the only outside marketing tool he used! That one tip helped him grow from a couple hundred followers to a couple thousand within a month! His reels were also netting him tens of thousands of views. 



Video is king. 


If you are not on video, yourself, or your brand, and it’s not a primary focus in your marketing, you will be left behind. 


Jake used these reels to educate his audience about a problem. Then offered them the solution to the said problem through his products. That’s why we test different angles and see what resonates with our audiences.  


SMS was also a huge benefactor in Jake’s rising sales. This was no surprise to us, as one of our brands that we just launched a couple months back started from zero with SMS, and accounted for 23% of sales. Hitting 5-figure months, within a few weeks. We have seen that 86% of traffic coming in was on mobile. Know your demographics, and meet your customer where they are!


If someone asked what it’s been like working with Launch and Scale, how would you describe it?


“It’s been great. When I first got in, there were a lot of people in the community, but not a lot of people really took a lot of action. It was nice getting a lot of one on one quality time with other team members and the bi-weekly calls with Khierstyn.” He loved having the resources to reach out to when he needed them.



What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self who is just starting this journey?


“Do things right the first time. Don’t just rush through things because you feel like they need to be done right away. Take the time to learn and master them. Save yourself the time of going back and fixing it later.”


If you want to check out Jake’s products, visit his website here:


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