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Get Funded On Kickstarter! | How To Be Sure People Back Your Campaign
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I’ve just spoken to the founders of a new Kickstarter campaign, Bark Sweden, discussing a few things they can do to make sure they get funded. It inspired me to make today’s video and show you how to deal with people who are new on Kickstarter, and how you can make it easier for interested Kickstarter backers to purchase your product.

When launching a Kickstarter campaign, chances are that some people won’t even know what Kickstarter is. Especially if they discovered your campaign on other channels like TikTok or Instagram, they might be confused as to how exactly to buy your product on Kickstarter. This is an issue you need to solve so you don’t miss out on potential Kickstarter backers.

There’s no way to know whether your website visitors have purchased on Kickstarter before. So if they’re new on Kickstarter, you need a way to take them through the process. To improve conversions, add a section to your page guiding people on how to purchase and support your Kickstarter campaign.

Watch until the end to see how you can get better Kickstarter campaign conversion rates and improve the buying process for your Kickstarter backers.

Khierstyn – Founder launchandscale.co

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