From $0 To $250K In 12 MONTHS (During A Pandemic!)

Building a successful online business is not an easy feat, let alone scaling your business in the middle of COVID-19. Today, I share an in-depth conversation with one of my clients, Eric Howard, founder of Cali Weights. We talk about online marketing, logistics, and customer service strategies that helped turn a fitness idea into a pandemic proof business.

Unsurprisingly, the global virus has caused a couple of business-related issues for them. Eric shares how he managed them through proper customer service handling, and how their at-home-and-on-the-go fitness product has been able to thrive and scale despite these problems.

We also discuss user-generated content and how Cali Weights has leveraged on these to get bigger traction online, resulting in a pick-up in sales.

Eric chose to build an eCommerce brand with a platform of its own through Shopify despite already having experience doing retail on Amazon. We discuss why it’s been important for their online brand to have its own domain and to create its own community.

Cali Weights is proof that with the right strategies in place, having a pandemic proof business and scaling your business in the middle of this global crisis IS POSSIBLE.

By building a successful online business, you’re developing a valuable asset that can continue to grow if you let it. Watch until the end of this video to hear Eric’s thoughts and the strategies they’ve used which were critical for the success of their online business.

If you enjoy this interview and you’d like to discuss how I can help you, feel free to schedule a consult with me.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

Shopify -or- Kickstarter? That is the question!

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