Simple Hacks To Keep Your Customers And GROW YOUR BUSINESS

In this video, we’re going to discuss customer retention strategies. Like most brands, you may tend to focus on new customer acquisition, rather than customer retention or the money that’s already being made within your existing customer base.

Today, we’ll take a look at one of my favorite brands, Copenhagen Grooming, their customer onboarding, and customer relationship-building process as an example of good customer retention strategy.

When we sell online, we become fixated on getting new customers. That’s understandable because it’s essential to get new customers for business growth and scalability. However, as our businesses grow, many of us forget to nurture the customers who are already part of our base.

Customer retention is a measurement of how well you can keep your customer, have them become an advocate of it, and actually prefer your brand over others. Part of that is making it easier for your customer to reuse your product or service.

Copenhagen Grooming does this really well. Once they’ve converted a customer, they communicate consistently and through the right channels, so that you can reach out to them easily and build a relationship.

It’s important to remember that giving your existing customers the best experience is as important as acquiring new ones. Customer retention strategies like customer onboarding and other post-purchase services will help keep your customers loyal, and help you scale your business with success!

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at

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