Facebook Ads can be a great way to reach potential buyers and grow your online business. But if you’re not using them effectively, you’re wasting your time and money.

Not using Facebook Ads is like leaving money on the table. Imagine if you could pay $5 and get someone to buy from you, but instead you’re spending hours on your Facebook Page hoping that people will buy from you.

Of course, like every other marketing tactic out there it has its drawbacks too. Sometimes ads won’t perform very well, or Facebook will make changes to its algorithm.

Even with all these downfalls, great sellers focus on the benefits and do everything they can to take advantage of them. And that’s what we’re going to talk about today in my

10 Things Great Sellers Do With Facebook Ads:

  1. They have a system in place for ad content creation
  2. They look for trends and video styles, and stay up to date
  3. They leverage a lot of UGC style content and repurpose it for ads
  4. They have a good retargeting system in place
  5. They first split test the creatives, then the audience, then placements
  6. They set automated rules and let Facebook work for them
  7. They always have a backup. A second ad account, a second business manager, a second pixel in case things go wrong
  8. They don’t use only Facebook ads. They use a cross-channel ad strategy. For eg., Pinterest is good for traffic and awareness. TikTok for creating virality and trust. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for conversions. Google is great for high intent conversions. They play with the budget depending on the business stage and needs.
  9. They understand that there’s NO SUCCESS FORMULA in media buying. It’s important to test, test, test. One strategy that works for one ad account, might not work with another product in a different ad account.
  10. They know that Zuckerberg is not a Cyborg. Maybe an alien. 🤓

Khierstyn, LaunchandScale.co

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