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Tapping Into Offline Channels W/ Yohan Jacob Of Retailbound
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Thinking about offline retail channels for your eCommerce brand? Today, I talk to Yohan Jacob, the founder of Retailbound. If you own a D2C brand, have a custom product, are tempted to explore beyond eCommerce retail, and want the chance to distribute eventually through big box retailers, this video is for you.

Retailbound is a firm that works with brands that may not yet have the experience or resources to effectively grow in multiple retail channels, and place them with retailers. So if you’re looking to expand into an offline retail ecosystem, they’re your go-to guys.

Many sellers on Amazon or other eCommerce retail sites want to be on other retail channels but, for many reasons, haven’t been able to – because of COVID, or simply because it’s unfamiliar territory. Some also want to go straight to big box retailers without realizing the risk they’ll be putting on their brand – something we want to avoid.

Watch until the end to learn the best path to go beyond eCommerce retail, and expand into other retail channels.

Khierstyn – Founder at launchandscale.co

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