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Mindset Challenge Video #1: START HERE
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I’m excited to introduce you to something I’ve NEVER done before on my channel. We’re releasing not 1 but 2 challenge playlists, starting with the Mindset Challenge. This challenge will help you push through your comfort zone as you start building a business online, launching a new product with a Kickstarter campaign, or scaling your brand online.

You might be thinking to yourself, “What does mindset have to do with launching a new product online or scaling my brand to 6, 7, or 8 figures?” Well, the reality is that when you leave your comfort zone and enter new territory, your brain gives you a lot of resistance. At this point, building a business online or launching a new product in the market with a Kickstarter campaign can get really really scary and hard.

And in order to constantly push through and break out of your comfort zone, you’ll need some level of self-awareness and begin to know things about yourself or your business that you might not yet fully know. For this reason, the Mindset challenge will help you prepare mentally for the challenges that lie ahead of you and help you SUCCEED.

Whether you’re building a business online, launching a new product with a Kickstarter campaign, or looking to scale your brand online — I invite you to join the Mindset Challenge and prepare yourself for all the other business challenges that will come your way.

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at launchandscale.co

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