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BAC Day 8: Getting More Support
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In this video, I want to pop in to give you your final assignment. I’ve been receiving quite a few emails asking how we can provide more support as you go into your product launch. So today, I’m going to summarize the challenge and help you make your final decision, which will help us to help YOU achieve a successful product launch — whether you’re launching on Kickstarter, Shopify, or want to scale your current online business.

The journey towards building an audience and preparing for your product launch can be lonely and expensive. If you’re looking to achieve your desired results faster, to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, and to build confidence in what you’re doing, you need a solid support structure.

Avoid spending time trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Instead, start getting help from seasoned entrepreneurs who’ve been where you are, and are already where you want to be.

If you want to get to a successful product launch — whether it be through launching on Kickstarter, Shopify, or you simply want to scale what you have now — get the support you need by deciding which way you want to work together!

Khierstyn – Founder and CEO at launchandscale.co

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