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10+ Types of Social Media Posts That Online Sellers Can Use Without Going On Camera

Want to post more on Instagram and TikTok?

Need more content ideas?

Online sellers get really caught up in not wanting to be the face of their brand, but they get stuck not knowing what type of content to create.

That’s why I’ve created a round-up of the 10+ Types of Social Media Posts That Online Sellers Can Use Without Going On Camera

  1. Behind the scenes
  2. New product drop
  3. Your production process – making your product
  4. Text on screen with helpful tips
  5. Repurposing professional video content of your product
  6. Video customer reviews
  7. Influencer reviews
  8. Product demos
  9. Unboxing
  10. Tutorial
  11. FAQ’s where you are doing a voiceover video

There’s so much you can do with your product. Hopefully, this list inspires that!

Now more than ever, brands should cultivate a following organically on multiple platforms. Posting frequently and engaging on popular platforms will help build a relationship with your customer.

However, if you’re feeling brave… Going on video helps build a parasocial relationship with your customer. This means you’re building rapport by them watching you online! Video with the founder can be super powerful.

Enjoy :]


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